Band of Brothers: Dead Man’s Corner plus Lt. Col. Cole’s charge
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is a view hunting towards Carentan from street level at the DMC Museum. On D-Day, those fields at the bottom of the hill were inundated, meaning which this road, elevated above the fields, was truly the only access to Carentan. So, to approach might have meant revealing oneself completely to enemy fire. There are a series of bridges leading to Carentan. At 1 of these (the 4th about this road from here), the most incredible American attacks happened.

Some of you might remember which Colonel Sink nominated Dick Winters for a Medal of Honor however, Winters didn’t receive it considering they granted the medal to just 1 guy per device. Well, because heroic because Lt. Winters was at Brecourt, please note the story of t. Cole Bob Cole.

Lt. Col. Robert Cole was piece of the 502nd PIR of the 101st Airborne. Remember, Simple Company was element of the 506th. Lt. Col. Cole was ordered to clear the Germans off this road leading to Carentan inside purchase to lead the American attack into town plus establish the breakout. Cole had regarding 250 males plus he lead them inside an attack about this road. His guys received a lot of casualties which they called this road "Purple Heart Alley."

You remember from Band of Brothers which Simple Company attacked Carentan about June 12th. So, found on the morning of June 11th, following failing to dislodge the Germans inside past attacks, Lt. Col. Cole ordered an artillery attack found on the German machine weapon, artillery plus mortar positions. He then ordered his guys to fix bayonets plus he personally led the charge from the fixed German positions. Armed with a pistol, he grabbed the bayonet-fixed rifle off a fallen trooper plus led the Americans into the German positions.

Lt. Colonel Robert Cole was 29 years of age whenever he led which attack. Of the 250-260 males whom were piece of his authentic force whenever the attack started, just regarding 120-130 were left. For his actions, LTC Cole received the Medal of Honor.

Bob Cole was killed with a sniper inside Operation Market Garden


Rank plus organization: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, 101st Airborne Division.

Place plus date: Near Carentan, France, 11 June 1944.

Entered service at: San Antonio, Tex. Birth: Fort Sam Houston, Tex.

G.O. No.: 79, 4 October 1944.


For gallantry plus intrepidity at the danger of his own lifetime, above plus beyond the call of duty about 11 June 1944, inside France. Lt. Col. Cole was personally leading his battalion inside forcing the last 4 bridges found on the road to Carentan whenever his whole device was suddenly pinned to the ground by intense plus withering enemy rifle, machinegun, mortar, plus artillery fire placed on them from well-prepared plus seriously fortified positions in 150 yards of the foremost ingredients. After the devastating plus unceasing enemy fire had for over 1 hr prevented any move plus inflicted many casualties, Lt. Col. Cole, watching this virtually hopeless condition, courageously issued orders to assault the enemy positions with fixed bayonets. With utter disregard for his own protection plus completely ignoring the enemy fire, he rose to his feet inside front of his battalion plus with drawn pistol shouted to his guys to adhere to him inside the assault. Catching up a fallen man’s rifle plus bayonet, he charged about plus led the remnants of his battalion over the bullet-swept open ground plus into the enemy position. His heroic plus valiant action inside thus inspiring his males lead to the complete establishment of the bridgehead over the Douve River. The cool fearlessness, individual bravery, plus great leadership displayed by Lt. Col. Cole reflect awesome credit on himself plus are worth the greatest praise inside the military service

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Prostate cancer

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